School History

Tombe Girls began as Harambee secondary school for girls in April 1967 on 4.5 acres of land and was then known as Geta Girls secondary school.

In 1968 due to pressure from the community, the school changed its status to admit boys and hence the name changed to Tombe Mixed Secondary school.

‘A’ level classes were started in 1987 to enable students who qualified from the ‘O’ level secondary to proceed with their education so as to work for entry to university as the country at that time had a high demand for manpower development.

It was later realized that there were many mixed day schools which had been established in the District and gender inequality was quite evident. Few girls were in school and internationally there was concern on the provision of girls’ education. Therefore phasing out of boys started in form one in 1995 and the school regained its status as the first girls’ only provincial boarding school in the District. Currently, our school is an Extra county school in the sub-county.

The principals of the school since its inception are as follow:

•                 Aristariko Nyangena                                                -           1967

•                 Daniel Nyarangi                                           -           1993

•                 Eunice A. Nyambane (Mrs)                           -           1998

•                 Eunice A. Abade (Mrs)                                 -           2011

•                 Jane Nyanumba (Mrs)                                  -           2015 to date


The head teacher turnover has been low over the years hence affecting the school stability positively.

The school has a valid Board of Management (B.O.M.) and Parents Association (P.A.).

Tombe Girls is registered as a three-streamed school whereby currently the enrolment of 660 and there is need for a fifth stream since the enrolment is on an upward trend thus need for more infrastructure facilities and teaching learning resources

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